Saturday, November 11, 2006

As Predicted And As Expected.

That is as Bert predicted in my post about political policing, Nick Griffon and BNP party activist Mark Collett have been cleared of the remaining charges against them. This should be welcomed not for the propaganda victory it hands to the thinly veiled racism of the BNP but for the fact that an English jury gave a two fingers to a politically motivated prosecution. As expected from the most legislative government in British history nuLabour immediately announced plans to do the only thing they are good at. Change the law, again even though parliament amended the laws only last week. Nick and his chums could very well see themselves caught out by the new laws which come into force next year.

Political correctness stems in part from a view that people, groups or races should have a right not to be offended. From the BBC's report:
Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer said Muslims were offended and must be sure that the law would protect them.
Poor, poor Muslims offended again why they must be the new Jews! Or not. There is no right not to be offended . Taking and giving offense is part of life and religious groups need to get over themselves. If you are offended then you are simply:

A. Wrong
B. Wrong and have a crap argument, position or view.
C. Right
D. Right but you haven't made a very good argument.

That is anyone can be offended by something said. Giving people, groups or religions protection from offense is a doomed attempt at thought control by removing certain ideas from debate. This is idiotic especially for religions. By their nature religious ideas are incompatible they can't all be right. Religious extremist may think they have gained by getting laws against free speech. For example the primitive texts on which the Islamic faith is based (made up primarily from the Qu'ran) contain texts which quite simply incite religious hatred against Hindus. They have simply cut off their own tongues. More form the Beeb report:
A Home Office spokesman said Mr Reid would "think carefully and take time to study and reflect on this [court] judgment and its implications, including taking soundings from his ministerial colleagues".

But the minister believed the "poisonous politics of race" could be defeated only by argument, politics and community engagement, the spokesman added.
Take note Mr Reid we don't need any more moronic laws curtailing free speech.


Anonymous Mr G said...

I agree completely. And what an insult to the memory of all those millions who died fighting to protect the very freedoms that Brown, Falconer and their ilk are so keen to take away from us.

9:20 pm  

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