Saturday, February 18, 2006

As Of This Week Illegal In The UK

This funny flash animation sticks two fingers to Islam in a somewhat bigoted fashion. If it were posted on the BNP's website they would surely be prosecuted for incitement to religious hatred. Thanks to the internet and the fact that the good-ole-US-of-A still has free speech enshrined in it's constitution you can watch it too (it is hosted on an Floridian server).

The cartoon is of course juvenile in the way that it groups Muslims together, but it is done for comic effect. The BBC's very own comedy The Vicar Of Dibley does exactly the same with Anglicans. Which rather makes the point of the cartoon very well. That nobody gives a shit about offending other faiths because no other world religion can muster the kind of mass outbursts of hate and violence that Muslims and the Islamic world can muster.

While the rest of Europe stood up for free speech over the last few weeks. Our leaders cravenly continued in reducing our civil rights. Simply because some Labour seats are in Muslim areas (think Straw Man himself) so Islamic sensibilities are put before traditional British rights like free speech. The cartoon is available in larger format here.


Anonymous Pete Milner said...

Well Squire, in response to Europe's stance on freespeach, how explain the imprisonment of David Irving: A man now sentenced to seven years solitude for a stance taken back in 1989?

10:02 pm  
Anonymous Pete Milner said...

sorry that should read

*free speech

and further emphasis should be included to read as follows-

*how do you explain

I must really preview my postings!

Anyway -

However, doesn't it seem a little extreme, that in one instance, editors are seemingly given a free hand to print the abasement of the Islamic faith freely in their well red papers; whilst on the other, an author displaying his stance on the holocaust in a under-circulated little known publication, is thus, as a result, given a lengthy stretch in a prison cell.

Perhaps Irving should have employed cartoonists instead. The Disney approach seems to be more laudable these days.

Nonetheless, double standards surrounding the application of the law in relation to incitement of hate is apparently rife in Europe: The great protector of civil liberties.

Bring me the head of Die Welt!

10:34 pm  
Blogger Bert M said...

Crickey Milner I thought the only sentence you could string together was "you, you". However it is only Austria and Germany which have silly laws about Holocaust denial and in fairness to me that judgement came after my post. Also Irving got three years not seven. Bert out.

9:09 pm  
Anonymous PM said...

Sorry the seven the years was for dramatic effect.

Nevertheless, rag-head bashing is cool; but, you better not dare mention the holocaust.

I advocate live and let live, and agree with some of your statements in relation to freedom of speech and taking offence over issues which were not particularly sensitive; however, in comparision then, it smacks of complete hyprocisy when you get banged up for a rather poor take on history made some 17 years ago.

Especially when there wasn't one caricature in sight!

10:40 pm  

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