Saturday, February 04, 2006

Political Policing

Check out these pictures of yesterday's protests in London by raghead extremists. This one from Samizdata is particularly telling. Now think about some of the events which have taken place over the last few days. On Thursday Nick Griffin and one of his cohort's in the BNP were acquitted on 2 and 4 charges respectively for using words likely to incite racial hatred. The case then collapsed as the jury failed to reach a verdict on the remaining charges. I am pretty much an absolutist on freedom of speech so I am glad that the BNP men are as of now free men. However the crown prosecution service has decided to retry the men on the remaining charges. Juries don't seem to believe in thought police however NuLabour most certainly does. We must therefore ask ourselves one simple question will the raghead extremists be prosecuted with the same venom?

This in the Guardian is not very reassuring:
(A)Passersby stopped police officers to ask why the marchers were being allowed to carry banners threatening further suicide attacks in the city. One police officer replied: "Don't worry. We are photographing them."
Taking pics eh? Very reassuring, why those crafty Muslims have wrapped their multi purpose towels over their faces, I hear you cry. Not very sporting of old Johnny foreigner that. Coming from the same NuLabour boys in blue who baton charged countryside protestors outside parliament it's hardly surprising. You see it's all about being a "victim group" and understanding victim group syndrome is key to understanding Britain today. To join the club you need to be either:



Can't make up your mind.


Any colour other than white unless you have any other "afflictions" mentioned on this list.

Any religion other than Christianity or for that mater Judaism.


A Woman

It appears that there is some kind of points system going on here so that a female ethnic Chinese lesbo would be more of a victim than say gay white man. Anyhow back to my original question will these people be prosecuted? As the photo appears to show the extremists being escorted by the police it seems unlikely. For a start the Police seem to have made themselves accessories to a crime under current English law, that is incitement to violence. A point which would surely be raised by a competent defense team. Again I am a free speech asolutist but the point I am making is about equality under the law. No matter how much the BNP tries to make its supporters into a victim group they will fail. Can anyone imagine what would happen if The BNP marched in London with Kill All Muslim placards? Baton Charge, plastic bullets perhaps?

NuLabour and the Met lead by Sir Ian Blair are scared of what might happen if they treated Islamic extremist marchers the way they treated Countryside Alliance marchers or would surely love to do to the BNP. In the mainstream media there is also fear. No British newspaper has dared print any of the offending cartoons. It has only been hinted in the press that there is some discrepancy in the way that the two branches of the far right have been treated by the British establishment.

I hope that the Islamic extremists are prosecuted and are in turn acquitted. The BNP are unlikely to be convicted by a British jury. These two outcomes and the legal precedents set might show the Islamic world that British people take their freedoms more seriously than the NuLabour thought police.


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