Friday, August 25, 2006

Official, Beeb Read Bert

While checking my hit statistics I noticed the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation had a referral to my site. It seems some Beeb journalist saw fit to link to my rather dry and boring post about a Panorama program's last year in an article called So what's the point of blogging? Bert won't be getting a Pulitzer any time soon though, I'm only getting one hit a day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, very good Squire, it's nice to know that someone from within the BBC has made efforts in finding someone within the blogging community who has cut and pasted a BBC led investigation concerning Muslims & terrorism. Rather odd that they have managed to sift out your page given the numerous others?!?

Therefore, I suppose, you really must post more BBC articles if you want quick fame. You never know it may even be used in some sort of sexed up dossier as a reason to do something ridiculous by those within MI5 and the Security Services.

Nevertheless, congratulations are in order for your efforts with web blogging and the prestige your work brings to the web blogging community on the whole.

Long live natural justice!


12:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to see that your still in the land of the living shite....

10:40 am  

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