Thursday, April 07, 2005

One Banana, Two Banana

We live in our very own "Banana Statelet" in Northern Ireland seemingly unable to govern ourselves, where every election is marked by allegations of voting irregularities perpetrated mainly by the Fascists of the Republican movement. Now it seems certain Labour candidates on the mainland have decided to take a few pointers from Sinn Fein in election rigging. Judge Richard Mawrey QC acting as election commissioner investigating a voting fraud by six Labor candidates described it as "massive, systematic and organized fraud". He also compared the process as worthy of a Banana Republic. The postal voting system (that labour introduced because it feels that it has a problem in getting people to the ballot box who claim to be Labour voters in opinion polls) was described as an invitation to fraud. Ministers then put pressure on Mr. Mawrey to delay his findings until after the upcoming election, while he accused them of being in denial.

Last night on BBC Question Time David "Big" Blunkett claimed(surprise, surprise) that his national compulsory ID card scheme was the answer. This of course would lead to the end of the secret ballot, as any biometric system installed in polling stations would in effect record who was and wasn't voting. This is a gross violation of personal privacy not to mention a potential gold mine of information to government psephologists. Blunkett seems almost obsessed with ID cards as some sort of universal panacea for all of Britain's ills he is wrong. The scheme itself will be a violation of privacy and a threat to not an enhancer of security(if you want to know why read this).

Whilst in opposition Labour portrayed it's self as the party of Liberty, but as we all know power corrupts and the Left's authoritarian tendencies and the we know best attitude have surfaced since Labour took power. Hopefully the fuckers will get a very bloody nose in the election which might mean the end of some of their harebrained control freakery.


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