Monday, April 04, 2005

All Aboard The Papa Express To Rome

It looks like we are in for a dose of media fueled mass hysteria in Rome this week in the run up to the popes funeral. World leaders will line up to pay respect to the "great man", documentaries will air, commentators will do their thing and Prince Charles will have his wedding postponed(snigger snigger). There is a certain irony in the fact that the last media mass hysteria event was caused by the death of his former wife.

The Pope may have been one of the four major contributors to the overthrow of communism in the Eastern Block but some of his teachings led to death and misery. He also preached against the authoritarianism of the Nazis and Communism but ran the church with a similar iron grip. The church's despicable spreading of lies about the efficacy of condoms in preventing the spread of HIV has cost incalculable lives in the developing world. The Pope was also personally responsible for the protection of paedophile priests in America, including giving a US cardinal wanted for conspiracy in connection with pedophilia a posting in Rome out US reach. A great man indeed.

I think the pope should be stuffed, mounted(with a pole up his ass) and made into as ashtray holder.

This post is in no way affiliated with Ian Paisley or the Democratic Unionist Party.


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