Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bum Sex OK Says Mullah

This post was going to be about how the so called moderate Shia Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani is not very moderate at all, so I decided to do a little research at the esteemed cleric's web site. In the Q&A page right at the top in the "A" section I spotted a question about anal intercourse.

Question: Is anal intercourse permissible?

Answer:Permission is bound to wife's agreement, but is strongly undesirable.

It seems to me that the chief Shia raghead is more liberal in this matter than your average Free Presbyterian. Then again Ali probably has four wives so he can persuade one of them to take it via the tradesman's entrance.

That's not the only pearl of wisdom on Ali's new fangled web site, it appears Shia's can take the Bill Clinton defense.

Question:What is the definition of Zina?(Adultery).

Answer:Zina does not take place without penetration.

Blowjobs and cigars for all then.


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