Friday, August 12, 2005

From The Horse's Mouth

Hands up those who think the UUP is done for, at least as far as Westminster elections are concerned. Not according to a certain ex UUP MP who told me on Wednesday night that the UUP will recover from it's recent setbacks. I asked him did he really believe that or was he still playing the politician(possibly not one of Bertie's brighter questions). He reckoned that now the DUP are carrying the burden of dealing with Sinn Fein they will suffer similar problems to those faced by the UUP when it was the largest Unionist party. That's a fair point but it would take the DUP to make a hell of a lot of concessions to the Shinners before they see any to damage at the ballot box. Also voters are hardly likely to vote for the UUP because they see the DUP as soft. A more likely prospect in my opinion is a split in the DUP some time in the future between hardliners and those prepared to deal with Sinn Fein in return for power at Stormont. Even that prospect wouldn't necessarily help the UUP much.

On another point, not to many bloggers get the politicians to come to them eh? Or get asked to run for ***** council. Anyone know how to spell narcissist?


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