Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Red Ken Strikes Again

I have just watched Ken Livingstone on C4 news justify Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel. You know the ones who blow up people on buses. He justified this by saying that since the Palestinians have no jet fighters or tanks they have to use their bodies! This from a man who a few days ago was going on about the innocent working class people blow up in the London bombs. Disgusting, perhaps next time the terrorists will be gracious enough to blow up some nasty middle class Tories? Just like Ken's friends in the Ra used to. The home office has just received cross party support for a new offence of "indirect incitement to terrorism". Sounds like a perfect chance for the attorney general to take a new law for a test drive.

Now they have some Brit Muslim pj wearing beardy on making excuses for the London bombs. He refuses to answer simple questions and instead declares he has a right to ask a question of another guest. He has also declared that Muslims have a right to defend their honor, property blah blah etc. Presumably he believes the way to keep his rights is by inciting his fellow ragheads to blow up other British people, but this won't concern him since his loyalty is only to other Muslims. If that is the case he should be shipped back to what ever country he or his family spawned from. I'm sure he will be assured of his rights in a nice Muslim country. Maybe when some Egyptian torturer has the electrodes on his bollocks he'll wish for the rights he was assured in Britain.


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