Friday, July 15, 2005


Should the London bombers be treated as a bunch of sad no-hopers or as foot solders of a global jihad? If they are treated in a similar way to the Oaklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, that is as common criminals who have no hope of affecting politics in Britain. Then there is little chance of further mindless act of terrorism being carried out by other disaffected young British Muslims. Who wants to be remembered as a sad loner after all. On the other hand such a strategy to play down the threat of radical Islam would be seized upon by the quisling left as evidence the threat had been made up just as their current favorite piece of propaganda The Power Of Nightmares supposes.

Many on the left believe we should negotiate with Al Qaeda in a similar fashion to the British government's negotiations with the IRA. I won't go into the rights and wrongs of that debacle but at least the Ra's bottom line wasn't the destruction of western civilization and the establishment of a world Islamic caliphate, as the ragheads demand. Negotiations also give terrorists a legitimacy they don't deserve. Silly delusions of knocking on old Bin Lid's cave door and sitting down for tea and scones aside, how do we make the London bombers look like the easily led little boys they were without downplaying the wider risk to western civilization? People may think I am exaggerating the threat to the west but if we capitulate to the Islamists, say by withdrawing from Iraq then we will only spur on the assault. The Spanish may have bought a tempoary reprieve from the more politically savvy elements of Al Qaeda by withdrawing from Iraq. However other Islamist elements have continued to plot attacks in Spain. Those who claim we should withdraw from Iraq to make our streets safe from further attacks should remember that they will simply be temporarily moving the problem elsewhere. Today the suicide ragheads killed four in turkey, how do the reactionaries on the left suppose the Turks should deal with their homegrown terrorists? This little animation nicely illustrates the treat we face for those that still don't get it.

Update: The date is wrong on this post because I started writing it last night.


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