Saturday, July 09, 2005

No Time For Mushy Brained Thinking

On the 10th of February 1996 I was traveling in a taxi in London with my father when the taxi driver informed us that the IRA had just detonated a huge bomb at Canary Wharf. They killed 2 people. Instantly I felt like I had a huge sign on my head saying terrorist suspect, which was fair enough really with me being Irish.

On Thursday of this week Islamic terrorists killed 50 in the same city. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick of the Metropolitan Police appeared on television where he stated:"As far as I am concerned, Islam and terrorists are two words that do not go together" Balls. Apparently some members of the security services are so fed up with this kind of politically correct nonsense from the police that they still keep information from them. If you want to find an IRA bomb squad you arrest Irish suspects. Likewise if you want to find Islamic terrorist you are going to have to rustle a few feathers in the mainly law abiding Muslim community. A recent poll for the Guardian showed that 13% of British Muslims would support more 911 style attacks on the US. These people aren't just Bin Ladenist sympathizers they are a threat to secular democracy itself.

Charles Moore does a much better job than me on similar topics here.


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