Friday, July 08, 2005

The Stiff Upper Lip Prevails

There was no more than a quiver of the traditional British stiff upper lip yesterday in London. Sure, people were scared, but there was no mass panic. The terrorist attacks caused death and destruction but this was no 911. Of course Londoners are used to IRA terrorism as we are here in Ulster. I think as long as the terrorists can not rapidly mount another operation in the UK then the attack will be revealed for what it probably was; a slightly impotent attempt to effect UK foreign policy. Although it may not seem that way to the people and relatives of those killed and injured. At the moment it looks like the attack was carried out by a small, possibly "home grown" cell. They choose perhaps the softest most obvious targets in London. Some may see this attack as sophisticated. I believe the fact that it has taken nearly 4 years(since 911) for the ragheads to execute an attack on the UK shows that they are having a very hard operating here at all. Time as ever will tell.


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