Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bert's Illustrated 101 Uses For An ID Card Part 1

Take one National ID Card.

Apply a liberal coating of KY.

Find a smirking cunt or...

...a bearded smirking cunt.


It's all very well making jokes about the constant erosion of civil liberties in Britain today but the fact is the subject simply makes me furious. I normally read the first editions of the papers online before I go to bed, but the if there is an article about civil liberties I try to put of reading it to the next day. The reason is simple, after reading about two paragraphs I'll get a knot in my stomach due to pure anger and frustration. So if I go to bed I won't sleep because I'm thinking somebody should go do a Guy Fawkes on all the cunts in parliament(note to ECHELON operators up yours you nosy cunts). Reading articles like this really get right on my wick, it's worth reading the whole thing but a couple of good quotes are:
My aged mother was still alive in 2002. Approaching 80, after a robust and healthy life, she was suddenly needing to "access" district nurses and care assistants on a regular basis. I airily told her that Mr Blunkett might be wanting a biometric photograph of her left iris any time soon for his entitlement-card scheme, and she was thunderstruck. "Whatever for?" Um, so you can prove you're entitled to use NHS services. "Tell him I bloody paid for them," she shouted, "when I got bombed out of Coventry!"

That's right stop Bin Laden in his tracks get your granny down to a "citizen enrollment booth" and get her bioscanned lest anyone mistakes her for a suicide raghead. The real problem of course is that while some people think the ID scheme is "sinister" or "Germanic" as Maggie memorably put it. It is only tech heads who really understand the true implications of what lies beneath the ID cards and that is the National Identity Register. Another quote:
You can say, "If you've got nothing to hide, you'd got nothing to fear." But there is a bunch of people who fear the National Identity Register Database mightily, and for good reason. They're bloggers. Bloggers understand what databases are, they understand information technology and if they're not tech-head geeks themselves, they know people who are. British bloggers are going crazy about the database.

The question we should be asking ourselves is how do we stop the slide towards ever greater state power? Will votes, demonstrations, civil disobedience and boycotts be enough? At what point do Libertarians of Left and Right say enough is enough and turn to violence?


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