Sunday, May 29, 2005

At It Already

The French have rejected the EU "constitution" by a definitive 55% voting against and surprise, surprise the EU commission says that it will go on ratifying parts of the "constitution". The fact that one of the main reasons the French have rejected the wretched document is that they are fed up with arrogant Eurocrats in Brussels making policy and laws with little regard for democratic principles seems lost on the Euroshits.

Meanwhile back in Blighty Toni and Co. must be wondering if France's non and the pending Dutch nee will get him of the hook of the referendum he promised the UK. Of course Toni only offered the referendum to get it out of the way as an election issue. That forced Mr Chirac into giving France a referendum on the issue too and really pissed off Chirac for good measure(nice one there Toni). A cynic(moi non) might think that Toni had this planned right from the start. I was rather hoping the French would narrowly pass the "constitution" so that British Eurorealists could throw a proper spanner in the workings of the corrupt bureaucracy of Brussels. However the size of the defeat in France may mean that the French have done just that, yet for very different reasons than us Brits might. Reaction in the coming days and weeks will show us where Europe's future leads.


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