Thursday, May 26, 2005

Up Yours Sue

Today the Association of University Teachers voted 3:1 to overturn a boycott of 2 Israeli universities. Sue Blackwell of the AUT had campaigned for the boycott of the universities because of "insert lefty, idiotorian, anti American and anti Israel rant." It seems the priciple of academic freedom only applies to people who think that Israel does not have the right to exist.

The Left has traditionally championed the cause of the oppressed and no doubt they see support for the Palestinian cause as in keeping with this tradition, but what about all the other causes they could be boycotting things for? Why no boycott of Chinese universities over Tibet and Human rights? Why no boycott of Russian academics over the Chechen situation or Russia's slide away from democracy? I could go on and on but you get the point. Euro-lefties are obsessed by "the plight of the Palestinian people" Yet again why? The answer as usual boils down to anti Americanism. America the powerful(lefties read bad) supports Israel therefore making Israel powerful(lefties read bad). On top of that the Israelis have kicked the Arabs asses from Sinai to Baghdad on three occasions since 1948, so it only stands to (lefty) reason that they must be the oppressing force in the region. Yes that's right, Israel the only thing resembling a democracy in the middle east for the last 58 years is in fact the problem and should be dissolved or something, though I don't know what Sue and co. have in mind. Perhaps a nice shinny new Muslem theocracy where Jews and Christians can live as Dhimmis as the Qua'ran proscribes?

Anyone with two braincells to rub together can see that section - majority section - of the lefty world view is bollocks. The AUT by overwhelmingly voting against Ms. Blackwell and her fellow travelers, have at least put Academic freedom ahead of silly student politics. Once again up yours Sue.


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