Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why I Want Lib Dems To Do Well

I'm not a great fan of the Lib Dems but I do hope they do well in the election at the cost of Labour. This may seem strange for a supporter of the war like myself but the reasons are pretty simple. The Tories have run an American style negative campaign which hasn't gone down well with swing voters and they seem to be scared to make the moral argument for lower taxes. Despite Labour's protestations everyone knows that Labour will win its historic third term. The Tories seem to have no hope of a repeat of 1970 when Ted Heath "sneaked in the back door" to number 10. So to reduce the power of the authoritarians in Labour tactical voting by libertarians is crucial. If Labour loses say 70-80 seats, then combined Tory, Lib Dem and some Labour rebels could put an end to Labour's arrogance with civil liberties and reduce nanny statism in general. I hear howls of laughter from my deeply cynical inner self upon writing that last sentence, but here's hoping eh?

The leader in today's Telegraph takes a very different view about voting for the cuddly Lib Dems saying that the Lib Dems like all socialists are just as illiberal(they are in coalition government in Scotland) as Labour has proven to be in office. Since the Lib Dems have no hope of wining a Westminster election any time soon I'll take the opposing view that their stance on matters such as ID cards and due process is more important at the moment than their overall
socialism or anti war crap.


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