Thursday, July 21, 2005

Echo & Freedom For Kid W

I was going to write about how great it was that some 15 year old kid took the government to court today and won. But first this from old Mel P:
If the Prime Minister seriously wants to root out the causes of terror, he should expel Livingstone once more from the Labour party – and the Attorney-General should consider whether there is a case against him for incitement.
Right so ocassionally ranting like a Daily Mail columnist is probably not the best idea, it's time to return to libertarian principles. Now back to the kid. The 15 year old decided that being 15 and out at 5 past 9 wasn't much of a reason for being arrested and trailed home by the scruff. The kid had in fact never been arrested but decided to challenge the local curfew with the help of Liberty and a nice wolly High Court judge. Curfews for children are now back in the hands of parents were they belong, not in the hands of statists in the Home Office. Nice one kid W.


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