Tuesday, March 08, 2005

American Landmine

A few years back the UN tried to get the production and use of landmines stopped. Notable celebrities like Princess Diana backed the campaign. America has not supported the ban due mainly to the fact that there is a huge minefield protecting South Korea and the American troops based there. The campaign seemed to fizzle out a bit after HRH came to sticky end in a Paris tunnel, conspiracy theorists even said the CIA had bumped her off because of the momentum the campaign was gathering. Recently the UN wanted to run this add on American TV networks. Most American TV networks refused for various reasons but I think the likes of CNN and others saw a shit storm coming from right wingers if they did. What do you think?

Thanks to boing boing for the link, back up torrent here(requires QuickTime).

Edit: It is a little unfair to single out America(as ever), Russia, India, Pakistan and China also refuse to sign the Ottawa convention banning use and manufacture of landmines.


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