Tuesday, March 01, 2005

America's Big Stick Is Working

I wonder what the anti-war crowd will make of the current unfolding situation in the Middle East and Islamic World. Thanks to American & Allied action there have already been democratic elections in Afghanistan and Iraq. The death of Arafat and the democratic election of Mahmoud Abbas has revitalized hope of peace for Palestine and Israel. Of course the death of Arafat was purely a coincidence(no sniggering at the back) never the less the democratic ripples are spreading throughout the region.

All of this is causing serious worry for the other despots and their regimes in the region. Saudi Arabia has recently held male only elections and the Saudi foreign minister has said women will be allowed to vote in the next one. Egypt will actually have more than one presidential candidate at the next election. Meanwhile Syria's President Assad seems to have made a monumental blunder by having Lebanon's former prime minister blown up by a massive car bomb. The result is what is being called the "Cedar Revolution" with Christians and Muslims calling for an end to Syrian interference in Lebanese affairs and the withdrawal of Syrian troops. We have also seen Libya come in from the cold recently too, it seems Col. Gaddafi has no love of Islamic extremists either or maybe he is just scared of the big stick(which he has had a taste of in the past).
Mr Gaddafi has also called on other rouge states to follow his lead and give up WMD and their associated programmes.

The anti-war left will sneer at this and say look at the mess in Iraq as if the Middle East was some sort of swell place to live before the recent invasion. The fact is nihilistic head hackers are no match for Iraqi democrats never mind the US army. The rest of the peoples of the region are looking on with envy and now they want their slice of the democratic pie.

The current wave of freedom spreading in the Islamic world and The Ukraine should be seen as a third wave, the second was a consequence of Reagan scrapping detente with the USSR, and the first was from America's entry into WWII. The anti-war left was wrong about confronting Hitler(as were US isolationists) and they were wrong about confronting the USSR. I think they are about to be wrong about confronting Islamofascism but then of course the left's legions of revisionist historians will swing into action. How very predictable.


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