Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Police State?

It seems a little frivolous to compare the UK to a banana republic/tin pot dictatorship/Soviet Russia Etc, as it would be rather insulting to the millions who died/die at the hands of such regimes. However the UK has steadily become a sort of police state lite. How many times a day are you caught on cctv minding your own business?

Here in N. Ireland the police think it perfectly normal to ask motorists and pedestrians where they are coming from and where they are going. "None of your fucking business copper" I say. I suspect the situation is the same in the rest of the UK. All of this is trivial in comparison to what the home office has been up to lately. Friends of mine will know that I have no love of head hackers and the Islamic faith in general but I draw the line at locking up people without due process. The Government's current action shouldn't be seen as surprising, "New Labour" has shown utter contempt for all things British from jury trials to presumption of innocence. The junta, sorry government now want all subjects to submit to a regime of biometric ID cards. Great now I need a piece of plastic to be innocent of a crime.

Britain used to be a land of few laws where people were free to go about their lawful business. Since 1997 the gov. has made 1000 new criminal offences. The nanny state intrudes into every aspect of peoples lives, all in the name of "progressiveness". Big Blunkett may be gone for now but his successor and the rest of the wankers in gov. continue his and Tony's work.


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