Monday, February 28, 2005

Vozvrashcheniye 2003 (The Return)

Just watched this Russian film with Rab And Ged. Bit of a weird one really. The film is beautifully shot in mainly dark colors with the only red in the whole film being the car. The director Andrei Zvyagintsev borrowed that trick from Spielberg's Schindler's List. The film certainly raises more questions than it answers, what was in the box?, what does the father do for a living? There are some interesting posts at imdb about the film being political or religious allegory. Sadly the actor who played the older boy drowned shortly after filming in the same lake the film was shot at.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Labour's Real Fear

Call me a cynic but Tony and Charles's new anti terror laws aren't about protecting us, they're about protecting Labour's majority from terror attack. Labour are petrified that a Madrid style attack right before the election will lose them votes. I think the British people are made of sterner stuff than the paella eating surrender monkeys of Spain. Tony and Co. aren't so sure though. If the ragheads do attack no doubt Tony will already have prepared a vomit inducing speech. God knows what the head hackers will do but MI5 seem to be remarkably good at catching them. Let's hope they continue to do so.

Stick That Wind Turbine Up Your Arse Hippy

I realize not all lefties are pro wind farms or even believe climate change is caused by humans. Bill Oddie would be a good example. However as this article points out they can be bloody ugly, the wind farms that is. Lefty reaction to climate change ranges from Neo-Luddites saying use less of everything to the pro wind farmers. All of the above is bollocks IF climate change is as a result of mankind and IF it is worth spending money to avert. The main part of the solution is very simple and though it pains me to say it the French have got it right, 70% of their electricity comes from nuclear power. Pissed now will edit latter.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ancient Freedoms Meet Blairs Arrogance

Blair says he is protecting us.
Boris says he is full of it.
Benjamin Franklin said it best: Those who would give up essential liberty for some temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security.

What A Wonderful Word

Islamikaze from the book title Islamikaze: Manifestations of Islamic Martyrology.

Socialism Gets Swamped In Sweden.

Guardian columnists are fond of banging on about how wonderful life in Sweden is. They should read this.

There are half a million job vacancies in the UK, so immigration is vital to the economy. However too many immigrants(Muslims) are not prepared to act like British subjects. Multiculturlism has failed and people need to integrate. Saudi funded wahabist mosques aren't helping but they are helping the far right BNP. The human rights industry has tied the government's hands over immigration so there won't be any radical change in policy any time soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Christian Fascists

Christian voice has intimidated a Scottish cancer charity into not accepting money raised by the cast of Jerry Springer: The Opera. No doubt they are pro life too.

300+ mph Anyone?

Reg won't be riding one of these any time soon.

Mule V Mountain Lion

Check this out

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Police State?

It seems a little frivolous to compare the UK to a banana republic/tin pot dictatorship/Soviet Russia Etc, as it would be rather insulting to the millions who died/die at the hands of such regimes. However the UK has steadily become a sort of police state lite. How many times a day are you caught on cctv minding your own business?

Here in N. Ireland the police think it perfectly normal to ask motorists and pedestrians where they are coming from and where they are going. "None of your fucking business copper" I say. I suspect the situation is the same in the rest of the UK. All of this is trivial in comparison to what the home office has been up to lately. Friends of mine will know that I have no love of head hackers and the Islamic faith in general but I draw the line at locking up people without due process. The Government's current action shouldn't be seen as surprising, "New Labour" has shown utter contempt for all things British from jury trials to presumption of innocence. The junta, sorry government now want all subjects to submit to a regime of biometric ID cards. Great now I need a piece of plastic to be innocent of a crime.

Britain used to be a land of few laws where people were free to go about their lawful business. Since 1997 the gov. has made 1000 new criminal offences. The nanny state intrudes into every aspect of peoples lives, all in the name of "progressiveness". Big Blunkett may be gone for now but his successor and the rest of the wankers in gov. continue his and Tony's work.

Joke N.I. newspaper

Updated weekly this site can be funny. Click Here

Monday, February 21, 2005

Freak or Unique

Check out the two headed baby! Click here

London Undergroud

Why public services suck. This link requires shockwave flash, speakers would be good too.

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Firefox uses should open with Firefox if prompted.

Duck's Ever Increasing Rod

According to Ducky he is now the proud owner of a five meter rod and it only cost him £12, not bad eh?. The thing is it keeps getting bigger. After Ducky vacated my place in a puff of smoke last night boy racer Jordan called. The cops had apparently chased Jordan, flashing lights and all from Islandmagee. Thankfully he had lost them. A rather, no very drunk Jordan then told all present about Duck's magnificent new rod. "Five meters it's way bigger than that!" And Jordan knows cus he uses meters every day in work. "No" said Jordan each piece of Duck's three piece rod is three and a half meters long. Jordan didn't do the maths but that's some rod you've got Ducky.

Cheeky Fuck Fat Wanker Shit Face Dickhead Arsehole

What's up with Duck calling people rather offensive names(see above). Btw Shite doesn't count. And Ducky's excuse/explaination... ....too much Southpark apparently. Who says TV doesn't affect the impressionable.

Holy Offensive

Just watched Dispatches "Holy Offensive" on C4. The programme confirmed my belief that Labour's law to ban incitement to religious hatred will be counterproductive. The law was obviously conceived to buy back Muslim votes after the Iraq invasion. Up to now Muslims felt discriminated against because Sikhs and Jews are protected as ethnic groups while the head hackers are not.

Sikhs have already used violence and the threat of it to stop the showing of a play in Birmingham. Then the Christians jumped on the offense bandwagon and tried to stop the BBC airing Jerry Springer: The Opera because it's "blasphemous". The Christians failed, though if it had been the Muslim Council of Britain complaining things might have been different.

One of the reasons the law will be counterproductive is that any religious group wanting the gov. to bring a prosecution against a person for incitement simply has to get a lot angry supporters onto the streets(think Satanic Verses). Then the religious group can use the treat of violence as reason for a prosecution. A rather morally perverse state of affairs if you ask me.

Any censorship law chills debate and debate is the only way to get truth. Eventually truth will win any argument, let's hope it will win this one sooner rather than latter.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Violence doesn't pay for G

G,R,I,L and Fat Doll are at B's place having a few drinks.
I and B fall asleep.
G wants into L's nickers.
G spends night slagging R(your a wee whack-whack, no one likes you etc.)
B wakes up.
G decides to punch R.
R punches seven shades of shit out of G's face.
G bleeds.
B doesn't care who started it and throws R & G out.
L & Fat Doll leave in disgust.
No spicy puntang for G.

Quote of the year(so far)

"Identity cards are a profoundly civil libertarian measure" Charles Clarke Home Secretary. Yea right and I'm a tree.

First Post

Welcome to Bert's blog. Here you will find posts about me, my mates and perhaps some politics thrown in for good measure.

The politics will involve lefty/hippie bashing, soon to be illegal(in the UK) religion trashing and plenty of Sinn Fein/IRA thrashing.